Sound Choice to release new KJ Tracks!

August 24, 2018 by Mobile Beat

First – new songs.  We are slowly getting rough draft license agreements for new songs and just received our first fully executed copy.   We have requests out for over 30 songs with some songs listing 5 or more publishers.  Many people are not aware but we have to have formal contracts with all of the publishers (who represent the song writers) covering 100% of the rights holders so that everybody gets paid their share of royalties and we avoid any infringement claims.  That process often takes a long time (frequently months), but karaoke does not generate the revenues it should, given how many venues and hosts offer karaoke, so the licenses are low priority for many publishers. We’re going as fast as we can, but obtaining karaoke sync rights is the first obstacle on the way to making new karaoke music.  Some of the most requested songs may never make it to a karaoke release because of the difficulty and length of time obtaining a license in the US.  It’s an extremely frustrating process. 

Second – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Communication.  We’ve been kind of slow to embrace the big 3 of social media, because, quite frankly we didn’t have much to say; after all, litigation is not a fun topic.  We recently opened or reactivated accounts on these three platforms, and now we are off to the races!  We’re committed to doing regular and interesting posts on a variety of karaoke related topics and we invite you to join us in focusing on the entertainment aspect of our business and karaoke in general.

We have 2 posting themes right now.  First, we’re taking a look back at our past – at our 33 years of making karaoke music.  For those of you who have been our friends and customers for awhile, you might enjoy some of the images and history of products you may own – or at least that you sing along to at your favorite karaoke spot, whether that’s your home or a public venue.  If you are new to the Sound Choice® brand or to karaoke altogether, you might be interested in the history behind one of the best known and most iconic brands in this business.

Second, in our posts we’re also looking toward the future.   We’ll be using these social media platforms to keep you up-to-date with our song licensing, recording progress and release dates.  You can be among the first to know when you will be able to sing along to new Sound Choice® songs!  And along the way, we want to have some fun, with contests and interactive opportunities.  Karaoke is absolutely a social activity, so if you have friends and followers get them to join us!

Here is where you’ll find us (you can also click the icons at the bottom of the page): SoundChoice/ soundchoicekaraoke/ soundchoice01

Pay us a visit when you get a chance.  And we’d appreciate a “like” on Facebook and a “follow” on Instagram and Twitter.  Keep up with all the news!
If you have any questions or comments here’s how you can stay in touch:
Sound Choice® Customer Service
Phone: 704-588-7778 Ext. 1182
Mon. – Fri. 9 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time

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