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October 19, 2017 by Joe Bunn

As business owners, we have to wear many different hats-agent, equipment manager, marketing expert, salesman, music guru, DJ, etc. etc. Add to that list, social media specialist. If your social media game isn’t up to date and on point, you aren’t going to make it. Today’s brides are VERY internet savvy and this source will account for a large percentage of your business.

So the question is, how do I do it all Joe? The key to SOME of your social media woes is to pre-schedule your content, and the best way to do that is with an app. I used to use Hootsuite, but now I’m advocating either Iconosquare or Later (no, this is not an advertisement). Iconosquare not only to schedules my content, but also to monitor what others are saying about the photos so that I can engage with them! It is called “social” media after all.  

Once you pick the app you like, what are you going to post? We have started using only pro photographer photos on our @bunndjco instagram for about a year now. They just look so much better than any of us were doing with our iPhones behind a Serato screen! If you can’t access that kind of content, then try to post regularly and maybe have a theme for each day. Something like this:

Monday-#Music Quote Monday. This is where I’ll google quotes about music and post it and who said it. For example, “Without music, life would be a mistake” –Nietzsche.

Tuesday-#Throwback Tuesday. On this day, I’ll go through my old school music and then pull up the video from YouTube and share that link. For example, “Can I Kick It” (hyperlink) by Tribe Called Quest.

Wednesday-#Wedding Trivia Wednesday. There are plenty of sites out there with crazy wedding trivia on them. For example, The English believe a spider found in the dress is good luck”.

Thursday-Sales Post. For example, I would write, Looking for a great DJ for your holiday party? Call us!

Friday and Saturday-Events you’re doing.

Sunday-#Song Lyrics Sunday. Google “best lyrics ever”. Copy and paste your favorite and who sang it. For example, “Rock N Roll ain’t noise pollution” –AC/DC.

There are so many other ideas that you can post! For example, musician’s birthdays, who is on TV tonight, music news, contests, hip hop quotables, whatever! Just keep the content coming and keep it fresh. Good luck and get busy!






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