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April 24, 2017 by Terry Lewis

In short, I help wedding DJ’s fill their calendars with wedding bookings at 2x, 3x and even 10x their current earnings.

And I can help if you:

  1. Have too few bookings
  2. Quote too low
  3. Have too few enquiries
  4. Need inspiration getting to the top

My belief is:
To fill your calendar and be booked at the fees you want, you need to help brides and grooms get what they want to get. If you can do this in a remarkable way, achievement is inevitable.

Which is why my blogs teach how to become remarkable and invaluable in the eyes of your ideal clients.

My story
I was once a struggling wedding professional priced at the low to middle end of the market. I knew I was worth more but struggled to achieve it.

For years, I continued my bad habit of accepting underpaid work from venues and clients until the pain of insufficient income became too much. I was working myself ragged, and for what?

I knew of suppliers in my industry who where earning up to 10x my rates; they were not so different from me, so why were higher spending brides booking them and not me?

I knew I was missing something big but what?

By 2011, enough was enough and I committed to change. I leant from the best mentors I had access to both inside and outside the wedding industry, both inside and outside of the UK.

What they taught me changed my life.

2014 arrived and my fees were significantly higher than my 2010/11 rates yet bookings were at record levels, that’s right I was actually winning more business than ever at up to 10x what I was previously paid. I had finally discovered how to position, package and promote my wedding experience to brides willing to pay my premium asking price, in abundance of my availability to deliver.

I was oversubscribed on many dates years in advance.


Introducing The Terry Lewis Formula
When I finally understood the formula for creating demand at the fees I was worth, I wondered if I was just fortunate and if what I was doing would only work inside my business …or could it be used to help others?

So I decided to test it; I systemised everything successful I did into a formula, and began teaching that formula to other wedding professionals… and they began to get amazing results as well. It was then that I knew I had cracked the code. And over the coming weeks and months, I’m going to share some of those transformative strategies with you.

By following my blog I can  assume some facts about you:

  • You have a burning desire, almost a need to succeed so you can better your life and the lives of those you love and care about.
  • Average is too low a target for you, you plan to rise way above the ordinary wedding DJ.
  • You need to succeed to fulfil your dreams.
  • You may have struggled at school but you’ve never let that hold you back from thinking big with your wedding business.

    there is a grain of sand in your oyster, a flaw that has so far stopped you from getting to the next level and it’s your propensity to procrastinate.You know there are big things you have to get done to move the needle of your wedding business forward, but for some reason there is a block stopping you from taking action. Today you’ve stepped up to the plate and through my future blogs you’ll have the bat in your hand giving you the power to knock it out of the park, but you’ll have to keep your eye on the ball and swing accurately.The strategies I will share with you have the power to ignite your wedding business, allowing it to really take-off and thrive in a way they have done for myself and the other wedding suppliers I mentor.I also believe it to be true of you that when it comes to your brides and grooms you fully show up for them and do everything in your power to ensure their wedding is the best day of their lives, but sometimes you don’t always show up for yourself.

    I know that sometimes you put things off until tomorrow in favour of the path of least resistance. Procrastination is easy today but painful tomorrow. Promise yourself this time you will follow through to completion. Fulfil the challenges in my forthcoming blogs and apply the dedication you give your clients to yourself, because it can change your life.

    It won’t be easy, nothing worthwhile in life ever is but I can promise you this; you will eventually reap what you sow. So make this the moment you fully commit to yourself, make this the point at which procrastination no longer controls you.

    Right now you have 2 choices: You can consume the contents of my future blogs and either apply or deny them to your business.

    But if you believe the distance between your dreams and reality is ACTION your decision has already been made for you…

    I’ll see you in my next blog.

About Terry Lewis.

  • Author of the popular book ’12 Habits of Successfully Booked Up Wedding Suppliers’. Available on Amazon
  • A 6x Wedding Award, including Best Wedding DJ in England
  • Judge for The Wedding Industry Awards
  • Mentor & Coach
  • Speaker

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Terry Lewis Biography 2009 I started my professional wedding DJ career. 2011 – 2014 I won 6 Best Wedding DJ Awards, including Best Wedding DJ in England. During this period I also became a preferred supplier at more than 50 venues from Mayfair in London to the suburbs. And had the honour of performing at international weddings. 2015 – Date I sit as a judge for the Wedding Industry Awards (the largest and most respected in the UK), and as a condition of accepting the role, I am no longer permitted to compete. 2015 I began my keynote speaking career at BPM Birmingham run by Mark Walsh & Eddie Short. Since then I have given motivational and educational talks at DJ associations such as NADJ and for leading Wedding Industry Networking groups. 2015 To facilitate my role as a mentor and coach, I launched a new company called Wedding Marketing Mastery, and created a world class 1-1 training program. It’s built from the ground up and designed to oversubscribe a wedding suppliers business at above average fees. 2016 I published my 1st book ’12 Habits of Successfully Booked Up Wedding Suppliers’ – Available on Amazon and read from London to Sydney. About my training I realised that to get above average results in the DJ and wedding industry, you need to help those you serve, get what they want to get. If you can do this in a remarkable way you will succeed in any endeavour. About me I am a father to four children and 2 step children. I am in love with my wonderful partner Julie whose support I could not do without. We love travel, entertainment and fine wines! I am also the co-founder of The GAAP Orphanage Foundation, our work helps orphans and abandoned children in Africa.

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