Smart DJ Tips: What Private Event DJs Should Really Focus On

February 5, 2018 by Jason Rubio

As a DJ in today’s market, you have many responsibilities to ensure that you’re staying on top of your game and doing well in the DJ business. Many DJs have different views on what really matters to clients. Some DJs believe their equipment or lights matter most, others believe their mixing ability, while others believe it’s their “following” or social media status. There is no definitive answer since it depends on who your target market is and who your clients are.

If you’re a bar DJ, then your job is much different than private event DJs. Both bar DJs and private event DJs have to focus on marketing; however, bar DJs have it just a little easier when it comes to marketing. Social media plays a big role in marketing for bars/clubs and events, and once a DJ builds a following at his/her event, it’s easy to keep that following happy. You get to know the crowd and simply play the songs that they know and love!

For private event DJs, social media matters, too, but your focus should be on acquiring your target market. Private event DJs have to spend a lot more on advertising than bar DJs do. If you’re advertising on the major wedding websites, it can be hundreds of dollars per month. Even Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram ads can all be expensive, monthly. On top of that, if you’re serious about your business, then you also have to have a good website that gets your message across. Feel free to check out my business website, Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths. By no means is our website the perfect example of what all DJ sites should be, but you can at least see what we’re doing. The good news is, though private event DJs spend more, they also make more than bar DJs (established DJs and companies).

The biggest difference between the bar and private event DJs is the experience that you’re selling. Bar DJs simply have to show up and play the music they know the crowd loves. Private event DJs, however, are not simply hired to show up and play music. Usually, the client who hired a private event DJ has a very specific vision in mind and has offered plenty of guidelines, song ideas, a timeline, etc. You’re hired to fulfill that vision! You should focus on doing this throughout your time invested with that client.

From the initial booking stages, until the last song of the night on their event date, you’re hired to carry out their plans. However, you also have to still be a great DJ and MC, professional, experienced, have great equipment, etc. The main thing to keep in mind is that you’re a very important part of this milestone moment in their lives. Whether it’s their wedding day, anniversary, quinceanera, birthday party, etc. They want to have a great time and chose you to help them do just that. Those memories will live on forever in their minds, in their pictures, social media posts, videos, etc. Focus on this, every time you are hired! You are a very important part of someone’s special moment and if you do well, they’ll hire you for many more occasions!

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