Smart DJ Tips: What DJs Can Learn From Mark Wahlberg

January 18, 2018 by Jason Rubio

If you haven’t heard about the recent Mark Wahlberg story, I’ll briefly fill you in. Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams were recently filming for All the Money, and questions surfaced about the gender pay gap issues. Mark had a part in his contract which stated that he could renegotiate his movie fee. Even though he took a significant salary cut from his usual fees, he was still paid over $1 million to do the movie; meanwhile, Michelle Williams also agreed to film the movie, but had a standard clause that allowed for a certain amount of reshoot time if she could make herself available.”

When it was all said and done, Mark Wahlberg got paid $1 million for his reshoot, while Michelle Williams only received $80 PER DAY, (the standard per diem rate) for the reshoot. After the criticism he received, Mark decided to donate the entire $1.5 million to the “Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, in Michelle Williams name.” Wow, that’s pretty generous!

So what does this have to do with DJs or private even vendors? Everything! Contracts are absolutely necessary for our business. Obviously, Mark Wahlberg has been a long time actor and knew exactly what to put in his contract. As DJs, we need to be aware of what is in our contracts and be sure to cover ourselves as much as possible. For my own business, Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths, we have several contracts that we use for our different bookings. In our contracts, we tried to think about all the situations that may arise and try to be prepared for them. We cover bad weather, cancellations, refunds, last-minute changes, no-shows, equipment failure, etc.

Overall, contracts will certainly protect you, if you ever need to go to court. Fortunately, our business has never had to go to court, but I know several DJs who have, and their contract protected them. Be smart, use contracts! To read more about why contracts are important, check out my article Why You Should Use Contracts, NOW. 

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