Smart DJ Tips – Speaker Set-up Made EASIER

November 3, 2016 by Jason Rubio

Whether you’re a club/bar DJ or a mobile DJ, one thing is for sure, DJing is not as easy as it looks! Most people presume you show up and get paid to have fun. While this is certainly true, since most DJs absolutely love what they do, there is some actual work involved, and it’s not easy! For mobile DJs and some bar DJs, there’s a lot of work involved with setting up and breaking down the equipment. Regardless of the type of DJ you are, we all have one problem that I hear many DJs complain about (and I used to complain, too), which is lifting heavy speakers!

Problem: Lifting heavy and bulky DJ speakers!

Solution: Power Crank Up Speaker Stands!

There are a few different brands that offer these crank up stands, but the two pairs of crank stands that we use for our DJ business, are made by On-Stage. I’ll admit, I didn’t think I needed these, at all. I was used to doing things as I’ve always done (I’ve been a DJ since age 13). However, one day, one of our DJs called-in (thankfully, a few days before and not the day of the event) and my wife, Diana, (girlfriend at the time) had to cover his event. Luckily, she already had some DJ experience, long before I even met her, she was a DJ, so it was a match made in heaven! 🙂 So she complained that if she was going to start covering events, we needed something different, since the speakers were too heavy for her to lift on and off the stands.

We did some research and found these crank up stands! We bought a pair and wow, they made it so much easier! I have back issues (probably from DJing so long and lifting the dinosaur equipment from the 90s) and I decided to get my own pair, too! Now, I can’t imagine doing a gig without these! Yes, you do still have to lift the speakers off your dolly and onto the stand, which is about 4 feet high, but it’s much easier than lifting them on a stand that is already set at 5 feet or more. So thanks to my wife, Diana, our lives are easier, and your can be, too! So do yourself (and your back) a favor, get these!

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