Smart DJ Tips: Dealing With Drunk Clients – Learn From Our Experience!

January 18, 2017 by Jason Rubio

If you provide services for public or private events, chances are, you’ve had to deal with drunk clients. We run a DJ and photo booth business and we’ve dealt with plenty of drunk clients. Normally, it’s not a problem, but every now and then, we have clients who are very drunk and become belligerent! We’ve dealt with these clients a handful of times, but several months ago, we had an incident that made us finally change our approach.

We did a wedding and when we arrived to setup, we noticed that the entire wedding party was already pretty drunk, BEFORE the wedding even started! We’ve seen this numerous times and it usually means trouble! By the end of the event, most of the wedding party were stumbling and slurring their speech. Bad news! At the end of the night, the groom came over to the photo booth and complained that the “pictures were blurry.” The pictures were not blurry, he was just drunk! We tried to politely explain that they looked great and he got upset and literally threw a lot of the pictures into our staff’s face and knocked over one of our light stands as he left!

Fortunately, our staff was professional enough not to argue with the client and just walked away to get help from the DJ. Overall, the event went very well. People had a great time, danced all night and took pictures at the photo booth all night, too!  However, we were still very upset with what happened and knew we had to prevent this from happening again. So my advice is to be prepared and be proactive.

From this point on, we knew were not going to deal with this, again. We added a section in our contract, stating that if anyone becomes belligerent, we reserved the right to stop our services and leave. We explain this to each client when we meet with them, as well. We let them know that we’ll try to speak to someone about this person and resolve the situation; however, it they continually cause issues and the situation does not get resolved, we’ll stop the event. If they break or damage equipment, the client must pay to repair or replace the equipment. NO ONE wants this to happen, so since that day, we’ve never had an issue! Be proactive and add something like this it into your contract!


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