Smart DJ Tips: 6 Reasons Why Competition is Good for Your Business

November 2, 2017 by Jason Rubio

In today’s DJ world, there is an ever-growing amount of competition. It seems as if new DJs and DJ companies pop up every month. Additionally, the wedding and private event business in general, seems to attract new people, every year, too. It seems as if every month, we work with a new photographer, a new planner, or we hear of a new venue. Although we are in the Austin/central Texas market, which is a huge wedding market.

Today, becoming a DJ, is much easier than it was when I started (before DJ software, and even before laptops, in 1991). The more DJs there are, the competitive it becomes to book your events. This is great for consumers, of course, but it can also be good for your business, too! Here’s how.

  1. Room for Growth – If you feel as though you’re the “best” out there and have no room to grow or learn anything new, you’re hurting your business. When you’re the only one in your market, and have no competition, you become complacent. Always challenge yourself to do more and become better. Competition can wake you up and help you improve!
  2. Standing Out – When you have competition, you have to find a way to stand out and be better than your competition. You have to find a way to be the authority in what you do. You must be innovative and stay ahead of your competition. Show your clients why you’re different and more importantly, the best choice.
  3. Trending Now: You – Having a lot of competition means there’s a demand for what you do. Be innovative and offer new, exciting things that no one else does, and you’ll win! Clients always want to have a unique experience. In a way, even couples and clients are somewhat competitive and want to have a different wedding/event (everyone wants to top the last wedding/event they went to). Clients won’t come out and say that they want a better wedding or event, but they do. Although we’ve had clients say “we want it to be better than my friend’s wedding,” or “we want more entertainment, more things to do,” etc. Businesses always tell us, “we want to top last year’s event!”
  4. Know Your Competition – You should always know your competition and more importantly, why you’re better or how you’re improving to be better. Watch what they do because believe me, they’re also watching you. Are they charging much more or less than you? If so, why? Learn what your competitors are doing and how you can apply it to your business.
  5. Find Your Niche – Whether you like it or not, someone will ALWAYS be better than you, cheaper than you, more expensive than you, and be different than you. This is perfectly fine. Accept it! Find your niche and narrow down your competition in that niche. When you narrow down your niche, you can become truly competitive in that niche and dominate!
  6. Customers First, Always – Overall, you can’t be too focused on competitors and always trying to “one-up” them. We had a client once tell us that another DJ company emailed them after they already booked with us and offered to do it for $100 less than whatever we charged. I was surprised, and baffled, too. Why would they simply focus on price and choose to be booked because they were cheaper? What if I offered to do their event for $100? 🙂

Focus, instead, on what truly matters, which is your clients and delivering the best experience possible, every time. Your clients are the reason you’re booked, and not your competitors. Remember that!

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Jason Rubio is the co-owner and founder of Austin’s Best DJs, a professional DJ & photo booth company that provides music and entertainment for hundreds of weddings and events in the Austin and central Texas area. Jason started his DJ career as a mobile DJ, at age 13, and has since DJ’ed thousands of events, providing music and entertainment for clubs, bars, radio, concerts, festivals and various other events. In addition to writing for Mobile Beat, Jason also writes “The DJ Insider,” and has been featured in Canadian Special Events Magazine, Wedding Planner Magazine, and numerous other sites and publications. Jason is also a graduate of Texas State University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education, as well as a Master’s of Public Administration, from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Contact Jason Rubio at

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