5 Simple Song Remixes Any DJ Can Do – Pt 1 of 2

October 7, 2017 by Staci Nichols

Having more tools in the DJ toolbox is always helpful, and—believe it or not—there are some really simple song remixes that even the most beginner level DJs can do to improve their sets. Pre-recording custom song remixes is great for beginners because you can stay focused on beatmatching and mixing while working the event but still deliver a few crowd-pleasing surprises.

Simple Song Remix #1 – Instrumental Version Mash-Up

If you are not a member of a DJ pool, you’ll want to start there. I use and recommend DigitalDJPool.com. Yes, there are some instrumental versions of songs on YouTube but proper DJ pools are legal and have better selection at higher quality.

5 Simple DJ Mixes - Mobile Beat Magazine

For this type of simple song remix, take, for example, Michael Jackson’s original “Billie Jean” and an instrumental version of Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack” and simply line them up beat-wise then hit record. It sounds fabulous and the crowd will love the unexpected twist on two of their favorite wedding hits. You don’t “need” songs that are in the same or complimenting keys, but that certainly does not hurt…all you really need is two songs at similar BPM rates.

Simple Song Remix #2 – Instrumental Loop Mash-Up

Now take the original (with words) version of JT’s “SexyBack” and put an instrumental loop of MJ’s “Billie Jean” under it. You’ll use a full bar (16 beats) of the instrumental intro to “Billie Jean” looped. If you’ve never created a loop, check YouTube for how to create a loop using your DJ software—it’s not hard. Make sure your loop starts on the one and ends at either the 4, 8, or 16. MJ gives us plenty to play with before the lyrics of “Billie Jean” start, so loop the full 16 beats here. And, again, make sure the first count of “SexyBack” and “Billie Jean” line up—then hit record. Just like simple remix #1, all you need for this type of remix is two songs within 5+/- BPM of each other.

Catch my other super simple song remix ideas in part two next week.


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