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May 10, 2017 by Rick Hardesty

Many people in the entertainment industry view marketing as a challenge and if you don’t market and market effectively your business will fall by the waste side. Back in the old days when I started my entertainment company in 1995 we based all of our new customer on word of mouth. The way we achieved word of mouth was giving school clients free parties as long as I could plug Planet DJs Entertainment through-out the event and be able to send all the school kids home with a postcard explaining all the fun things we can do to enhance their upcoming event.

Now days marketing is a whole new ball game you have to stay ahead of your competition and stay in front of your potential customers. To get the ball rolling I have some simple marketing ideas that we use every day at Planet DJs Entertainment to book more events.

When we meet with new potential clients we always give them something with our name on it that they can use when planning their upcoming event. Car chargers are cheap and customers love them. Giving your customer a pen with your logo on it and giving them a binder with useful party planning information in it to help plan their upcoming event and make their party run smoother with tips and tricks and other useful information. The customers go crazy over the binder and it keeps our company name in front of their face and everybody they come in contact with when planning their special event. They can store all their event information inside the binder. We love the binder because it creates brand recondition and it keeps our company name in front of tons of potential clients. Some other items we have given out in the past are notepads, sticky pads, water bottles. We use to give out thumb drives with our Planet DJs Entertainment logo on them so customers could keep track of all their paper work and event information. The product we sell Customer Manager Pro has a feature built in that lets potential customer keep track of all their party information on their My Account in Customer Manager Pro. By using My Account powered by Customer Manager Pro customers can access all of their party information from anywhere in the world using a smart phone, tablet or pc.

There are many different types of marketing techniques that we use today to increase our sales at our business this is just a taste of what you are going to learn in the front office extreme make over powered by Customer Manager Pro seminar in Las Vegas Nevada at the 2017 Mobile Beat Trade Show.    

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