Shut Up and Sell More By Alan Berg

September 23, 2017 by Michael Cordeiro

Have you ever discovered or learned some valuable information that was so good you didn’t want to share it with anyone else in our industry? That’s exactly how I felt after reading Alan Berg’s new book Shut Up And Sell More. Alan has been a powerful force in the wedding and sales industry for well over twenty years. He has helped hundreds of DJ’s tweak their sales process and grow their business.
I consider myself to be good at many things in our profession, but sales isn’t one of them. My eyes tend to glaze over when people start talking about the mechanics of sales. The fact is we can’t “Wow” clients with what we do if we don’t book them first. This is where Alan’s new book comes in.
Shut Up And Sell More breaks down the sales process into digestible bits that are easy to grasp and in turn, quickly apply to your business. Alan covers all the important bases from website structure to emails to face to face meetings. While reading each chapter I found myself saying, “I did not know that”. Lots of those little “nuggets” we love to get at seminars.
The two main premises of Shut Up And Sell More are asking better questions and knowing when to “Shut Up” and really listen to the buying signals clients are giving you. Alan gives great advice for handling objections and overcoming any obstacles to making the sale. The chapters on pricing and packages are especially relevant to what we do.
For many of us Bridal show season is just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to brush up on your sales skills to fill your calendars for 2018. Shut Up and Sell More is just the book to help you do that. Even if you’ve been in business for twenty years, I guarantee you’ll learn some really useful tips and techniques in Alan’s new book. Why wait? Get it before your competition does!

Alan Berg is the Leading International Speaker and Expert on the Business of Weddings & Events. He’s also the wedding & event industry’s only Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), one of only about 800 CSP’s in the world. He works with DJs and Photo Booth companies, just like yours, helping you sell more, in less time, and have more fun doing it! To find out more about his speaking, sales training, website reviews, and his 3 books, visit:
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