Shut Up Already! by Jim Cerone

August 23, 2016 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Y ou hear your own voice differently than other people do. You also miss the context added by your facial expressions, gestures and body language. Every weekend, every word you say gets fed through a microphone and amplified through loudspeakers into the ears of a crowd in a big room.

Are you saying anything worth hearing?

To find out, you MUST record yourself.172-0607
Hook a digital recorder up to your mixer, use an app on your phone or put a camera on a tripod and record all of your announcements. In radio, we call these “air checks.”

A few days after your event, review your air check. Play it all the way through once and just listen. The hard part happens next.

Play every announcement again, but TIME each one with the second hand on your watch (or most phones have a stopwatch in the clock app). On a piece of paper, write down how long your Opening Announcement was, how long your Introductions took, your Cake Cutting comments, etc.

Now, play your air check a third time but write down every word you said. The fancy term for this is “transcription.” When you are finished and you are confronted with what you see on the page in front of you, chances are you’ll be shocked. Most of us have no idea how many words we use or how long it takes us to say something.

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