Should You Ever Turn Down Bookings?

October 12, 2016 by Jason Rubio

Whether you’re new to the wedding/private event business, or a seasoned veteran, this article topic seems to have different answers. So why do some business owners believe you should never turn down clients, while others believe otherwise? One word: experience.

If you’re new to the event services business, you want as much business as possible! However, before you book every gig that comes in, try to learn what works best for your business. Figure out who your ideal client really is. Determine your ideal client, what type of events you prefer to work, and how much you want to earn! Once you know these answers, you can begin to focus more on attracting the clients you want and turning down clients you don’t.

Some signs that we look for, when we know that the client may not be a good fit for us:

Price Haggling 

If the client contacts you and then asks you to price match, or asks for discounts, it’s a bad sign. Sure, we all love to save money, but this also means that they don’t see your value. If they don’t understand that you’re worth every penny that you charge, you may have a tough time with them.

Ask Too Many Questions

We generally get the same questions from clients, and even made a FAQ to help answer these questions. Here’s the link to our FAQ:

We’ve found that when clients ask numerous questions, beyond the norm, insist on seeing your equipment in person, going to one of your events (even private ones), that this client is hard to please. If you have to jump through hoops just to get the booking, don’t. They’ll be hard/impossible to please and it’s just not worth it.

Wrong Venue

We have a venue in the Austin, TX area that we truly don’t like to work at. It’s hard to get to, it’s uncomfortable (literally a barn), and we’ve noticed that all the clients that we’ve had there, are hard to please. It’s most likely due to the price (very cheap venue to rent). People who want to spend as little as possible, are the hardest to please. So if you see the client booked that venue, just politely decline. You’ll be glad you did.

There are other strategies we use, so for more details, feel free to email me.

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