Should I Separate Out Same-Sex Weddings on My Website?

February 16, 2017 by 14stories

erica-hayleyI’ve seen some questions come up from mainstream (that is, non-LGBT) wedding bloggers and vendors about whether or not they should have a separate section on their blog, image gallery or services for LGBT weddings. This is a great question because now that there is nationwide marriage equality, a wedding truly is a wedding and same-sex couples should not get special treatment, only equal treatment.

That said, I do believe that same-sex couples are actively looking to see images of other same-sex couples. They want to be inspired by people like them. They want to feel represented in your business. They’re following along on Pinterest, Instagram, and yes, your blogs and they are stalking you to ensure they can trust you! They don’t want to feel invisible. To help this process, I’d suggest that you use a tag for LGBT weddings or same-sex weddings on your blog (if you blog).

Simply adding a tag to all of your same-sex wedding content will let same-sex couples be able to more easily find images that represent them and look like them. We are not going to feel marginalized by a tag like we would by a separate section simply for LGBT weddings (which I do NOT recommend in most cases). A tag would make it easier for us to find other inspiration, and would not keep us separate from the rest of the crowd. Not to mention, it should help with your SEO.

Think of it as offering assistance rather than marginalizing. A simple tweak like that and also editing all of the language and editorial content on your website so that it’s not straight-focused will also go a long way in helping LGBT couples feel safe and welcome in the mainstream wedding world. The ultimate goal is integration and it starts by being inclusive of all couples. That creates the win-win: couples feel safe with you and YOU make more money!

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photo by Kat Hempel

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