Should I Make the Leap to DMX?

June 14, 2017 by Jordan Nelson

Spend any length of time in a DJ-related Facebook group and you’re bound to quickly find a post in which some DJ says “I’ve wanted to learn DMX, I just haven’t done it yet.” At first, it would appear that procrastination has struck once again, but in reality it may simply be that this DJ (and many, many others like him) is unsure if he is willing to invest the time and expense in learning DMX programming.

Have you wrestled with that question yourself? If so, you’re not alone.

DMX programming adds a whole new dimension to the services you are able to offer to your clients, but spending the time to learn how to program your lights may not be the best option for your business. DMX programming can be a great skill to acquire for the avid school dance or party DJ, but may not offer the same returns to the wedding or corporate DJ (although there are many high profile exceptions to that statement).

Like anything in your business, choosing to learn DMX should begin with a thorough evaluation of your current business model and clients. Are you consistently able to upsell additional services such as uplighting or pinspots? Do you find yourself doing larger dances with younger crowds often? DMX programming may be a great option for your business, as the ability to sell customized lighting packages could be a great opportunity.

Conversely, do you find that you would much rather enjoy the ability to quickly plug in and play at smaller weddings and events? Do you focus more of your marketing and sales on your ability as a master of ceremonies than on your production abilities? In that case, sticking with a simpler sound-activated setup may be your best option.

In reality, the mobile DJ industry is full of examples of DJs across the entire spectrum. There are DJs making thousands for their ability to command an audience with little or no lighting at all, and there are DJs making thousands for their ability to produce an immersive concert-like atmosphere at local high schools.

What will work best for you? That’s up for you to decide. If you see the opportunity in DMX to learn a new skill that will increase your income, don’t be afraid to take the leap!

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