Share Your Heart Part 7

July 11, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

Last week we discussed the final letter of our HEART acronym with before, during and after the sale for Thought.  Always be THOUGHTFULL.  Provide tips on how to better their experience.  Become an expert on the types of events you service.  What other problems can you help solve for them. Another way of being thoughtful is being full of thoughts that can help your customer in ways they may have never thought of.  

Final Thought:  How do you share your HEART?  Don’t jump into a canned pitch.  Don’t think about you. Find out how you can help them.  What do they want more than anything else? What’s stressing them out?  Find common ground and connect with them. How do you find common ground?  Ask them: Where are you from? Not where do you live? BIG difference. Where are you from conjures up images of family…of sentimental moments from their childhood which (more often than not) they wish they could go back to.  Connect with them FIRST. Then find out how you can help them. Share your passion. Share your HEART.

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