Share Your Heart Part 6

July 4, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

Previously we discussed what to do Before The Sale during the Thoughts portion of our HEART acronym.  We continue this week what to do DURING the sale (i.e. after you book but before the event). 

During the sale:  Send monthly reminders as to where they are in the process for their planning, NOT just for your role in it (music and entertainment), but for other aspects as well.  This will show you as the expert in the marketplace and also put your name on the tip of their tongue when their friends ask about who they have hired for entertainment for their event.  It also provides VALUE and shows you are thoughtful by being the resource for them.

After the sale:  For Taylored Weddings wedding clients, we provide a thoughtful exchange to those who are having children by staying in touch via social media.  Once we see a baby is on the horizon for the young couple, we reach out again to get a current address and then follow up by sending a personalized note along with a copy of the book “The Little Engine That Could” by Watty Piper.  It’s a universal children’s book with a great theme of perseverance. Clients still comment on books that we sent FIVE years ago! Talk about being thoughtful and making a connection. The cost: $7 and a bit of your time. The results:  Referrals many times over.

We’ll be back next week with the final article in our Share Your Heart series

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