Share Your Heart Part 2

June 6, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

We continue with the HEART series with the next letter in the acronym for HEART.  E is for Emotion.


In sales, it’s VITAL to get to the emotion.  Emotion is what most sales are based off of. People buy on emotion and justify on logic. You must tug at their heartstrings to appeal to their emotions.  How do you do that? YOU have to have heart.

Let’s look at a typical sales scenario.  Most event pros ask: “So how do you want your event to be remembered?”  Most couples respond to that question by saying “Fun, Memorable” (Isn’t that just a derivative of the word remembered?).  The answers are TOO generic to really drive to the heart of the emotion and make a strong and deep connection with your client.  Here’s a better way to ask that question: “If you could be a fly on the wall as your guests are driving home from your event, what do you want them to say?”  The latter question is MUCH better because it’s more SPECIFIC.  It drives to the personal nature of the event with the actual feelings their friends and family will feel and the words they would actually use to describe their experience at their friends event vs. just the generic answers from the question from what every client thinks they should say to the question “How do you want your event to be remembered?”  Drilling down to the heart of the emotion will help you connect on a deeper level and will put you closer down the road to the sale.

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