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November 3, 2008 by Andy Ebon

mobile-beat-november.jpgSince early 2007, I’ve become an active blogger, and something of a blogging evangelist, too. It has been great fun to share the reasons for, and the how-tos of blogging, in presentations and seminars from coast-to-coast, during the last year.

There seems to be no question in my mind, or the minds of most internet communication experts, that a business without a blog is sorely lacking in its media mix.

This month, marks the publishing of my first wedding marketing article in Mobile Beat Magazine. Naturally, it’s all about blogging. My personal thanks to Mobile Beat Publisher, Ryan Burger, for bringing me into the fold.

Readers of the Mobile Beat website have had the opportunity to read a syndicated version of The Wedding Marketing Blog.

pop-book-tilted.jpgI’m proud to announce that I’ve been tapped to write a chapter, titled: Blogging Your Way To Business Success for the forthcoming book, “Power of the Platform – Speakers On Success.”

Power of the Platform is the brainchild of Robin Jay (Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau). Robin has created an anthology of contributions by 20 notable speakers, including many recognizable national names, such as: Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Amanda Gore, Marcia Wieder, Jack Canfield, and many more.

Robin is ever the taskmaster (or is that taskmistress?). She’s right on schedule, and the finished product will be ready for sale in mid-December. Another announcement will be made, as soon as pre-orders are available, online.

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