Setting The Stage Part 2

March 12, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

Last week we talked about Setting The Stage and unveiled one way to do that before your sales meeting.  Here are more ways you can set the stage.

2.   Set The Stage Visually.  Before your clients arrive, sit where they sit.  See what they see. Is there something in their line of view that might be unappealing to them.  Maybe you have an exit sign right above your head if they are facing you, sending your client subliminal messages to leave.  Maybe there’s a gross piece of food on the floor in the corner at the Starbucks. Maybe it’s a trash can overflowing in your office.  Whatever it is, eliminate distractions, both audible and visual.

  1.  Set The Stage For Yourself.  Mentally clear your mind of everything going on, all the outside distractions, everything is going to happen that’s going on your life. Whether it’s a fight with the wife or whether it’s kids soccer practice next day or you got a big deadline for meeting, whatever it might be, you set aside those distractions and focus solely on your clients in front of you.  How can you serve them?


Setting the stage is not just physically but also mentally.  You must always be in a “Sum Tertius” mindset. Sum Tertius is Latin and it stands for “I am third”.  If you always put your client’s needs ahead of your own you’ll win way more often than not.


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