Setting Our Standards

December 27, 2017 by Jordan Nelson

According to Google, to set a standard for oneself means to set a level of quality or attainment. Whether we do it consciously or not, the way we act at our events sets a level of service that other vendors, venues, and recurrent event guests come to expect from our company. Some DJs are happy to be known as the “budget” DJ while others strive to be known as the “high end” DJ. While the measure of quality we are known by others to provide is an important standard, the code of conduct we deliberately set for ourselves is even more important.

Purposefully setting our own standards of business conduct gives us firm guidelines on which to operate our businesses. For example, deciding ahead of time how we will interact with irksome individuals can save us from having to make split-second reactionary decisions in the heat of the moment. Running your own business is different from normal employment in that you don’t have a manager or superior constantly reminding you of the company’s policies; you set your own policies!

As you sit down to write your business’s goals for 2018, begin with a statement of your standards. Lay out how you will act and interact with others through the internet and in person, how you will dress in certain situations, and how you will resolve tough situations. What do you want your company to be known for, and how can you live up to those expectations? There is no one to enforce these guidelines but you, so develop the resolve to stick to them once you have made them. 2018 is a new year full of opportunity to raise our personal standards and the standards of the DJ community as a whole!

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Jordan Nelson is the owner of SLC Mobile DJ in Salt Lake City, UT. A native of the tiny southern Utah town of St. George, Jordan began his mobile DJ journey as a junior in high school. After traveling to Salt Lake to attend the University of Utah, Jordan completely revamped his business and invested heavily in sales and master of ceremonies training, turning his $400/event company into a $1,500/event company in under a year at 22 years old. Jordan developed a strong passion for lighting and lighting programming during his early DJ years and has written 2 books for mobile DJs on the subjects. When he is not spending his weekends at weddings and events, you can find him at the local gun range or hiking with his beautiful wife.

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