Serve, Don’t Sell – By Matt Martindale

May 26, 2018 by Matt Martindale

Every DJ can be great if they remember one simple thing: Life is a performance—just like your actual performance at an event—and YOU are in charge!

You have a role to play, and if you are true to yourself, and you know who you are, then that role becomes second nature. You know what you want. That allows you to tap into an inner resolve because you never have to change who you are. In Mark Sanborn’s book, The Encore Effect, he talks about what it takes to ensure a consistently fantastic performance in every aspect of your life. In fact, “every remarkable performance:

• Moves us to act.
• Makes us feel good.
• Causes us to laugh.
• Stimulates us to think”

Is your show performance only competent and courteous? If so, then it’s routine. Is your performance consistently exceptional and enthusiastic? If so, then it’s remarkable. Performance counts. If you want to win the loyalty of past clients and be showered
in referrals, then the consistency of a strong performance is a must. What’s awesome about what we do in our profession, is that  different DJs, with different personalities and different styles, can all be very successful, in very different ways.

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