March 28, 2013 by Jason Weldon

I saw this term the other day while reading one of my favorite authors and I couldn’t help but think how important it was. We all have some great ideas and we all usually know the steps that we would have to take to accomplish that idea. And those steps in between are critical to the success of accomplishing that goal. Do one before the other and you could rush the concept. Wait to long on one step and you miss the boat.

Sequencing kind of sums this up. You have to really in vision the steps that you are going to take and almost play them out in your head. Like a book, where you can pick the ending. Run several different scenarios, but pay close attention to the sequencing you are doing them in.

I think most people really don’t bother to do this. They just get an idea, throw it on the wall and see what part of it sticks. Then deal with all the issues as they arise. That just seem ludicrous to me. Why even do it if you are not going to put any effort into doing it successfully. Or worse yet, waste your time and money if it is something that you can’t do well or generate any revenue in.

I see this a lot with photo booths in the wedding industry. Everybody is real quick to jump into buying a booth and start to offer the service, but very few even come up with a plan for how or why they want it in the first place. And there the booth sits. Barely going out on the weekends.

Do yourself a favor and run some sequences on things you are going to do, before you get fully committed to a new project. You might foresee some good things and some bad things that will allow you to be more successful.

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