See Yourself Through Your Client’s Eyes

September 6, 2017 by Jordan Nelson

The only eyes you will ever physically see out of are your own. You will never be able to take a seat in the cockpit of another person’s mind and view the world through their frame of reference. However, we all have a need in this business (whether you know it or not) to develop the capacity to not only view ourselves through our own perspective but through the minds of our ideal client.

Talk to any DJ and they will tell you they already understand this.

“I market to the high-end brides,” one will say,  “I know they are looking for a DJ who helps plan and coordinate and not just play music.” Yet I see this DJ show up to meet with this “high-end bride” in his customized polo and shorts and then complains that brides in his market won’t pay more than $500 when he doesn’t secure a contract.

Or the DJ who proudly boasts “We offer 10,000-watt stereo systems and over 500,000 songs!” on his website but takes no thought to tidy up his cables draped haphazardly around his setup.

And we ought not to forget the multitude of DJs loudly proclaiming “Professional entertainment!” whilst covertly operating their businesses without paying taxes, registering their business, or buying their music.

Are these issues nit picky? Those that are guilty of them might say so.

But what do your clients think?

While small choices such as dressing down, having an outdated website, or sitting down during an event may seem trivial and completely unrelated to you, they can make all the difference to another person. Every action we do, every image we portray, every word we utter, and every smile we proffer will have an effect on those that surround you, which most definitely includes your current and future clients. A choice we make may seem normal and commonplace to us while coming off as wholly unprofessional to someone else. A good rule of thumb is to always seek to be the best version of yourself possible. When presented with a good option (giving your business card to the wedding photographer for networking) always opt for the better option (printing a timeline for the photographer, becoming friends, building trust, and sending them referrals for example). If you are tired of watching industry leaders and DJs all over the country (and perhaps even in your own city) garner wedding contracts in the thousands of dollars while you struggle to book $500 weddings, it might be time to look in the mirror and say to yourself “What is preventing my ideal client from seeing me as the perfect solution for their event?”

Whether you are sharing a photo on social media, getting dressed for a consult, designing a timeline, rehearsing announcements and entrances, polishing your setup before an event, or a million other small decisions we make in our business, we should take a step backwards and say to ourselves “How does this look/sound/feel/appear to those whose trust I am trying to gain?” Because in the end, when it comes to your business it’s more about what they think than about what you want them to think.

Jordan Nelson Jordan Nelson (53 Posts)

Jordan Nelson is the owner of SLC Mobile DJ in Salt Lake City, UT. A native of the tiny southern Utah town of St. George, Jordan began his mobile DJ journey as a junior in high school. After traveling to Salt Lake to attend the University of Utah, Jordan completely revamped his business and invested heavily in sales and master of ceremonies training, turning his $400/event company into a $1,500/event company in under a year at 22 years old. Jordan developed a strong passion for lighting and lighting programming during his early DJ years and has written 2 books for mobile DJs on the subjects. When he is not spending his weekends at weddings and events, you can find him at the local gun range or hiking with his beautiful wife.

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