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September 15, 2013 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Although pieces of sound, lighting and video gear are the DJ’s gear tools of the trade, it’s really not about the gear, especially when you are talking to couples about their wedding receptions.mb151_114

Typically, wedding couples don’t care that your equipment is QSC this or Yamaha that, Denon this or Pioneer, Chauvet this, or Blizzard that. They care about the end result of good sound and lighting; something that doesn’t look terrible or scare grandma with its looks or sound wise.
The idea of dressing up of your gear and making it look more pleasant has been around for 10-15 years in the DJ industry, but now has become a lot more important as it has gone more mainstream. In addition to being able to dress up the gear, you can now light the “dressings” and make them part of the show. LED lighting underneath the scrim can be safely beating to the music along with your primary light system. It can add excitement to the dance floor, or help accent your mood lighting. The average DJ can get well appointed with the following items from Scrim King, an industry leader in dressing up gear, for $500 in white or a total of just under a thousand dollars in both white and black:

1 – Table Scrim

1 – Table Topper

2 – Speaker Tripod Scrims

1 – Lighting Tripod Scrim

I went for the combination of white and black which meant the cost per DJ system was around $900 because of the Table Topper is two-sided (black/white). This way you are able to accent the bride’s colors on the tripods and do the tuxedo thing with white and black alternating on the table area. Scrim King products also help your setup work with any seat covers the wedding couple may also be using.

The other area where the Scrim King products are very useful is in uplighting the involves your truss. While the shine of truss like TRUSST from Chauvet or Global Truss from American DJ looks high tech and cool, there are times when want a softer uplighting vibe. Various white Scrim King Sox truss coverings can help accomplish this goal. Some Sox models also have zippers every 12″ or 18″ so you can mount lighting outside of the scrim, but keep the cables out of sight, so as not to distract from your elegant image.

Scrim King can provided that extra “it factor” that your setup may be lacking. All of my company’s setups are now completely identical but also versatile enough to handle many different environments, from legion halls to $60-a-plate hotels. We are now looking like the classiest DJs in the market. 

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