Scrapbook.Live debuts this August!

September 27, 2016 by Mobile Beat

It was our pleasure to debut our new product at the Atlantic City DJ Expo.  Scrapbook.Live is the next “Big Thing” for DJ’s to img_0747create a unique experience and atmosphere.  What is Scrapbook.Live?   Imagine this, at a wedding ceremony and reception, a photographer or videographer takes staged photos and video while they are there.   All of the guests, friends, and family are taking photos from all different angles and perspectives, most of which you would never see. You’ll have to wait 3 to 6 months before you see the photos from the photographer. With Scrapbook.Live, there is no waiting! At your reception, your guests, friends, and family, are able to instantly send photos and videos to large monitors or projection screens for everyone to enjoy. They can send pictures and videos that are already on their phone as well. Do you have friends and family that live too far away and can’t make your wedding? With Scrapbook.Live, they can send photos or videos messages instantly.

Unlike a photo booth, your guests, friends, and family, don’t have to wait in line or be away from the action. You are not separating your guests from the party.Take photos or video anywhere or anytime and send them to the screen.   All of the photos will be displayed in a rotating scrapbook on the screen. As new ones are taken, they are put into the rotation. Scrapbook.Live is monitored to ensure that only appropriate content is shown on the screen.  It also creates a private social webpage, where users can tag photos and chat with each other.
How does it work? It’s simple, just go to www.Scrapbook.Live on your browser on your phone. Then enter the event code once and that’s it, you can start taking pictures and video immediately! To view all of the photos and video taken during the event, simply open the event page.

At the end of the event, we can download all of the photos and videos for you to enjoy for years to come.   Your special event page that is full of all of your new pictures and videos can be preserved forever and sharable with friends and relatives by simply posting your event link to Facebook and other social media as well as text or email you event link.  It is perfect for weddings, reunions, corporate branding, proms, and almost anything you can imagine.   Disc Jockeys are finding that they can increase their profit and earning potential.  The cost of an event is less than the cost of a film for a photo booth session.  There is no large investment in equipment!   Call us for more info and pricing.
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