Scorpion Storm Effect Lasers Steal The Show!

August 7, 2009 by Mobile Beat

The all new series of Scorpion Storm effect lasers incorporates more power and options than its phased-out Scorpion predecessors.
The Scorpion Storm FX is the largest and most powerful in this series with a seven-channel DMX-512 controlled red and green effect laser. The lasers are powered by a 30mW green laser diode and an 80mW red laser diode.
Dual motors control rotation and stutter effect. This laser produces hundreds of dazzling patterns in red, green or both red and green, slow or fast with a 99-degree coverage angle.
The Scorpion Storm FX operates in sound-active, automatic, DMX or in master/slave modes. An adjustable hanging bracket, which allows for multiple mounting locations, is attached to the anodized aluminum casing.
The new mid-sized Scorpion Storm RGX effect laser also produces a star field with numerous patterns and hundreds of beams. This Scorpion offers a 114-degree coverage angle for wall and floor coverage. It replaces the Scorpion Storm RG, incorporating more power and options than its predecessor but at a lower price.
This 4-channel DMX-512 controlled laser comes with an index on the top of the laser and provides settings for its options.
Multiple units of the Scorpion Storm RGX and FX can be daisy chained at 100 – 240V volts. The Autoswitching feature allows for flexibility of use as the RGX and FX laser automatically adjusts to the existing voltage.

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