“School Dance Network” launches new site for schools/DJs

September 23, 2011 by Ric Hansen

Press Release
Re: School Dance Network re-launches www.SchoolDanceNetwork.com
Date: 9-23-11
From: Ric Hansen

School Dance Network launches website 2.0

The only on line website dedicated to assisting school administrators to stage safe clean dances has been re-tooled, revamped and re-launched.  Now the new blog-style site promises to be more current, relevant and content rich.  It address the issues of lyrical content in music, inappropriate dancing, plus drugs and alcohol issues.   It will also offer up some new and fun ideas to make school dances more fun, and engaging  and addresses teen trends, and lifestyle issues.

DJ companies can gain access to the large number of SDN school fans through an on line directory.  While other directories look to attract wedding business and private parties, the School Dance Network is the only on-line directory that speaks exclusively to school dance planners.

Originally established as the nations number one resource for schools in 2009 the SDN has gained thousands of fans from schools and DJs coast to coast largely because of its song lists.  School subscribers and DJ members have access to the “Top 30 Safe Song” list each week as well as the National Do NOT play list.  With the new site, there promises to be much more content as it relates to teens and dance, including guest blogs, and interviews with DJs, students, and school administrators.

The SDN sister site created just for DJs,  “DJ Hot Talk” , connects DJs to a broad spectrum of ideas, stories and video content that will enhance their school DJ business and keep them in the loop, like no other DJ blog site will.

DJ’s interested in the school dance business will find their participation as a member in the School Dance Network an important tool to reach their audience and increase their exposure to school administrators and dance planners

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