Scaling Up – By Byron Gunter

July 11, 2018 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Most of you reading this probably think that you are one of the top wedding DJs, if not the best, in your market. In most markets there is plenty of room for growth—but there’s only one you and only so many weekend dates a year. So, the question is, how do you duplicate yourself? How do you build a multi-op with an arsenal of DJs who bring the same level of professionalism and experience that you do?

How do you maintain your brand consistency and quality-of-product as you scale? As a multi-op that does well over 400 weddings a year, I could spend hours explaining how, for example, we do all those weddings with little to no advertising, how we’re the preferred DJ company at the vast majority of venues in our market without ever asking to be on a preferred list (not even once!), or how 90% of our weddings are less than 30 minutes from our office. At the end of the day, it boils down to consistency.

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