Sample DJ Evaluation Form

April 8, 2008 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Name:_____________________ Date:______________________
This is NOT for the client to fill out, but rather you, the supervisor to fill out to evaluate your staff!


1. *Calls in for job information as prescribed in the Company Training Manual at the beginning of week, and confirmation call the day prior to event :_____

2. **Can be 100% relied upon to remain available to work on weekends, working within the guidelines set forth in the Company Training Manual regarding “requests for time off :_____

3. Requests for time off are kept to a reasonable minimum :_____

4. **Calls in sick only in extreme emergencies, and in accordance with the procedures in the Company Training Manual :_____

5. *Picks up equipment and allows ample time to arrive at the job site at least 75 minutes prior to the contracted time :_____

6. ** Can be 100% relied upon to have equipment set up, and read to go by the contracted time :_____


1. * Courteous and friendly toward the public at all times :_____

2. ** Wears a tux to all functions, with appropriate shoes, tie and cumberbun, unless the requirement is reduced by management :_____

3. *Leaves coat and tie on through-out the entire event :_____

4. * Hair is neatly groomed, and face is clean shaven(for men) :_____

5. * Checks with the customer twice during the event to ensure customer satisfaction :_____

6. All Equipment/CD’s are set up in a neat and orderly fashion, with reasonable efforts made conceal wires :_____

7. *Does not drink alcohol on the job :_____

Equipment Operation and Care

2. ** Protects the equipment and cd’s from heat and cold exposure :_____

3. *Ensures that full equipment check is made for each job at least 30 minutes prior to event :_____

4. Makes proper adjustments to the mixing board and amplifier :_____

5. Makes proper connections for all equipment :_____

6. Diagnoses equipment problems and makes corrections when possible :_____

7. *Follows guidelines for equipment problems on the job, as set forth in the Company Training Manual :_____

8. Keeps all CD’s in the proper bin, and in the proper sequence :_____

9. Keeps all wires, cables and items in the utility crate neat and orderly :_____

10. Makes reasonable attempts to get party props back from the guests, and protects them from damage :_____

11. **Maintains complete security of the equipment at all times :_____

12. * Returns equipment at the time agreed upon with the management :_____

Job Performance

1. *80 percent of music selection played from music quick references :_____

2. *Music selection not influenced by personal preferences :_____

3. *Reads the crowd by playing a variety of music in the first hour, and makes the proper adjustments to the music rotation to fit the crowd :_____

4. *Plays danceable requests, and makes all reasonable efforts to play the requests made by the customer on the music sheet; checks off the requests played on the sheet for documentation :_____

5. Consistently plays a variety of music that appeals to the majority of the people :_____

6. Good music knowledge of song titles and artists, for the level of experience :_____

7. Consistently makes tight mixes between songs :_____

Job Performance, Continued

8. Cues songs at the appropriate spot, bypassing un-danceable introductions :_____

9. *Projects voice well over the microphone so everyone in the room can clearly hear and understand all announcements :_____

10. In general, sounds enthusiastic and smooth(not boring) on the microphone :_____

11. Pronounces names correctly when introducing :_____

12. Makes reasonable and enthusiastic efforts to talk to the audience over the microphone at least twelve times during the event, such as: introducing yourself as the DJ, taking danceable requests, giving company promo’s, announcing song titles/artists, and making good faith efforts to motivate the audience over the mic :_____

13. Incorporates audience participation events in every show,(unless requested not to do so by the client) and presents these events in a professional, enthusiastic manner :_____

14. Takes control of weddings by suggesting when each event should take place, and uses good judgment on spacing the events so the reception does not become boring :_____

15. Coordinates all wedding events using the wedding events worksheet, executing the wishes of the client and works well with the caterer/banquet hall manager on the timing :_____

16. Projects each of the events at a wedding in a professional and enthusiastic manner :_____

17. Incorporates the suggested music with each wedding event, so that there is no “dead air” during any event, with the exception of the toast :_____

18. Uses good judgment with the garter and bouquet “routine” when a younger person catches the bouquet or garter, by making the necessary adjustments :_____


1. * Consistently abides by all rules, procedures and guidelines in the Company Training Manual :_____

2. * Exercises good judgment in unusual situations :_____

3. * Displays a positive attitude toward learning and improving performance :_____

4. * Can be relied upon to take corrective action when deficiencies are noted by management :_____

5. * Completes job report sheet and leaves all paperwork with the equipment :_____


* One Star – Indicates an item that must be at least a 3 to meet the minimum standards.
** Two Stars – Indicates an item that must be a 4 to meet the minimum standards.

Paul Beardmore/Owner
The DJ Connection
Front Royal, Virginia
email :
1 – Poor, never — Corrective action must be taken
2 – Fair, sometimes — Improvement is necessary
3 – Good, most of the time — A slight adjustment is needed
4 – Excellent, always — Outstanding!!!1. **Handles the equipment with care; does not drop the equipment, packs equipment in vehicle properly to reduce the possibility of damage while in transit :_____

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