Sales Training Basics-the CQC of selling with Trainertainment’s Beth Standlee at MBLVXX

November 6, 2010 by Mobile Beat

Sales Training Basics-the CQC of selling with Trainertainment’s Beth Standlee

You must Connect, Qualify, & Close every potential sale. We’ll give a quick overview in this class and you’ll see how to improve the way you approach your customers. You must have a strategy of how many people you need to see in order to have the sales you want to have. You’ll walk away from this class with a written goal so that you’ll know where you’re headed this year. Quit just taking the accidental sales that call in and start making sales happen on purpose.

Overcoming Objections-Sales people are often discouraged when potential customers throw up roadblocks when it comes to making buying decisions. An objection feels like rejection. Attend this class and learn about how to handle the most common reasons people fail to buy your product.

Beth Standlee is the CEO and Owner of TrainerTainment, the fastest growing training company in the family entertainment business. Beth and her company help the businesses they serve make more money by doing what comes naturally-they have fun selling! With energy and enthusiasm, Beth and her team deliver the kind of sales and customer service training for family entertainment centers that is based on more than 15 years of hands on experience in the industry. Since 2005 Beth has spoken at more than 100 education events like Bowl Expo, Fun Expo, the National RSA event and the international DEAL show. To learn more about Beth or TrainerTainment visit

This event is scheduled for January 31st as part of the pre-conference workshops at MBLVXX – Check out more information at MobileBeat.Com

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