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November 4, 2016 by Michael Cordeiro
jason-bwMike Cordeiro chats with Jason Jani, MBLV21 Entertainment Director about his approach to being the best performer he can be…

Do you feel stuck doing the same type of gigs for the same type of clients? Do you want to play at events that are bigger, better and more fun? Do you want to party like a rockstar and get paid for it? When we think of improving our performance as Disc Jockeys, we tend to focus on the mechanics of our events; better playlists, better transitions, better introductions, better gear, etc. There are also mental, spiritual and family sides to achieving rockstar performance. Each one of these can have a huge impact on our ability to exceed our client’s expectations and get booked for rockstar level events. More importantly, excelling in our profession is just as much about the playlist for each event as it is about building a better playlist for our lives.

I reached out to one of the hottest Mobile Disc Jockeys in our field, Jason Jani for help with this article. His schedule for the week we spoke was mind blowing. A few events at home in New Jersey, then off to Florida, back to New Jersey , then off to Mexico, back again to New Jersey and off to Minnesota. I asked Jason to break down his keys to successfully preparing for events, managing his company and balancing his family life.

Mike C: How do you prepare mentally for each event?

Jason Jani: I try to be flexible and ready to deal with unforeseen obstacles. I try to be organic and aware of where I am at and whom I am working with and for. I always have a plan B for each event.

Mike C: What is your main focus every time you perform at an event?

Jason Jani: I want to make people relax. My goal is to take them out of their day and give them an experience that puts them in another place for a while. It’s about reactions.

Mike C: How do you manage the logistics of doing events all over the continent and running your company?

Jason Jani: By having a phenomenal support team at work and home. Also by being very candid with my staff and family. Everything is on the table.

Mike C: How does raising a family figure into the mix?

Jason Jani: Lots of Skype and Face Time. When I’m home, I’m home. I turn work off and give my family 100%. Also communication, I keep my wife in the loop with everything important. No secrets.

Mike C: Do you get overwhelmed and how do you compensate for that?

Jason Jani: It’s real easy to get caught up in too many things at once. You have to knojason-faqw when to pull back and let things go. Focus on the big stuff and trust your support team to handle the rest.

Mike C: In less than a decade you have built your company and yourself into one of the most recognizable DJ Brands on the continent. What would you say is the number one contributing factor to your success?

Jason Jani: It’s a few things, but mostly I say: Do the work. Learn everyday. Build long lasting business relationships and never settle.

Mike C: Where do you think most DJ’s fail?

Jason Jani: By not staying relevant or being in tune with today’s culture. I think the impact of not being able to deliver for a client is far worse than doing what you’re good at.

Mike C: Can you explain that a little deeper?

Jason Jani: Sure. You can’t be everything to everyone. You can’t “specialize” in every type of event. Pick the the two or three you are best at and take them to the next level. Everyone wants to be a rockstar but you have to do the work to get there.

Mike C: How important is the gear you use to the success of your event? I’ve seen you rock the turntables and use a controller. Which do you prefer?

Jason Jani: Usjason-geare gear you are comfortable with, but make sure it is the best. Be tech savvy. I prefer turntables and CDJ’s with my Pioneer DJMS9 mixer as main my system for each event, but depending on the client and type of event I have several set ups so I can switch it up.

Mike C: In October at the Wedding MBA I saw you totally rock Hakkasan and the after party. At MBLV 20 you were in the meeting room early each morning laying down a groove. Do you get nervous performing for your peers? Do you already know what your are going to play when you step behind the booth?

Jason Jani: Thank you. Playing in front of your peers is a little more stressful only because you know they are going to scrutinize your performance more. I prepare for all my events, but I don’t use playlists or stacked sets. I try to be more organic and responsive to where I’m at and why I am at that event. Hakkasan was a big let loose party and MBLV was more about motivating and inspiring people, even at 8 am. It all goes back to the first two questions.

Mike C: Where do you see the future of our industry going and how do you stay ahead of the competition?

Jason Jani: I really see a fusion of live musicians and DJ’s at events. Also using enhancements like special lighting and decor to give the clients a unique experience. I try not to focus on what other companies are doing so much as I try to make sure my company is giving our clients the best experience possible.

Mike C: What’s the best piece of advice you can give to other DJ’s to improve themselves and reach “Rockstar” performance?jason-insane

Jason Jani: Do the work and doors will open for you. Never settle. Learn everyday and have a great support team. I always say you have to be consistently awesome and slightly insane to succeed in this industry.

Jason will once again be rocking the main room at MBLV 21. You can learn more about Jason and his company by following him on YouTube at:



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