Rocking Referrals – By Mike Walter

July 9, 2018 by Mike Walter

I assume you throw great parties. Why do I assume that? Because you’re reading Mobile Beat, which makes you one of the few members of our industry who cares about further education. So I assume that when you DJ and MC events you not only bring experience but all this knowledge from the great contributors here at Mobile Beat, and you rock your events. But here’s what I don’t know. When the guests at your events leave, do they say “that was a great party!” or do they say “that DJ threw a great party!”?

There’s a very subtle difference between those two statements but they can make a world of difference in the success of your career. Here’s how: The number one source of quality leads we can generate is direct, personal referrals. When someone calls or emails or fills out your website form and says “I saw you at an event” you should have a much higher closing rate than any other type of lead. Even the coveted banquet hall referral, while no doubt valuable, is not as solid as someone who saw you at an event. Knowing this, we should do everything we can to generate more of these leads.

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