Rock Star Performance with Jason Jani

May 28, 2017 by Michael Cordeiro

Do you feel stuck doing the same types of gigs for the same types of clients over and over? Do you want to play at events that are bigger, better and more fun? Do you want to party like a rock star and get paid for it? When we think of improving our performance as disc jockeys, we tend to focus on the mechanics of our events: better playlists, better transitions, better introductions, better gear, etc.

But there are also mental, spiritual and family sides to achieving rock star performance. Each one of these can have a huge impact on our ability to exceed our client’s expectations and get booked for rockstar level events. More importantly, excelling in our profession is just as much about the playlist for each event as it is about building a better playlist for our lives.

I reached out to one of the hottest mobile DJs in our field, Jason Jani, for his thoughts on top-level performance. His schedule for the week we spoke was mind blowing: a few events at home in New Jersey, then off to Florida, back to New Jersey, then off to Mexico, back again to New Jersey and then off to Minnesota. I asked Jason to break down his keys to successfully preparing for events, managing his company and balancing his family life—essentially to share how be balances it all to achieve a “rock star” level of performance.

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