Rock and Roll To Go FX Wireless Review By: Jake Feldman

December 26, 2007 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Today’s DJ has a lot on his mind: professional service, professional sound, and professional lighting. Most DJ lighting rigs are either too pricey and complex or too cheap and cheesy. The new FX Wireless package from Rock-N-Roll To Go Lighting Systems will break neither your back or your wallet, and has the look of a professional Lighting setup.The package consists of two custom made 14″ square truss towers standing (when assembled at full height) at a stunning 10′. The trussing system breaks down into three sections that will stack and roll, providing relief for ever-aching backs of DJs everywhere, and will accommodate for halls with less “headroom.”

In the same way, the custom structure and fixtures are rock solid, after being tested both by a co-worker (tip over in transport-user error) and by U.P.S. without any significant damage. Fixtures, controller, and cords are all well-protected and ready to hit the road in this system. I would, however recommend the extra investment of the fleece “toaster cover,” as it will protect the finish of your trussing from transport (and co-workers/employees).

Each tower contains (6) Par 38 cans with standard bulb sockets, (1) Vertigo, (1) Mini Moon with 15 RPM motor, (1) Snapshot II Strobe and a wireless relay pack. All fixtures are pre-wired and ready to plug into any standard 110-115V outlet, via a normal extension cord. At the heart of the package is the Elation Co-Pilot II wireless lighting controller, which will operate without pesky data cords in most line-of-sight applications at impressive distances.

With its slick packaging, the FX Wireless System is a must have. With all of the lights involved, it is refreshing to see a visually pleasing appearance that will only add to the professional look of your sound and light show. Additionally, the system comes in two finishes: powder coated black or traditional aluminum.

At each event I brought the system to, the clients and hall staffs were impressed at the ease in which the system rolled in and was set up, and all involved appreciated the tear down efficiency afforded. Additionally, at the three events it capably performed (middle school, high school, and corporate), the system was very practical and was not overbearing in smaller setups, as some rigs can be.

Coincidently, to buy the fixtures and mount them yourself to t-bars, it would cost you a lot more and look a lot less inexpensive than the comprehensive package offered by Rock-N-Roll To Go. At only $2,995.00, this package is a steal, with its sleek looks, light weight, ease of transport and use, and its reliability. If you own one trussing system, make it rock-make it Rock-N-Roll.

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