RISE Above the Noise

January 25, 2017 by Vickie Musni

We are all bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages every day. From radio and TV to YouTube and Facebook, to billboards, bumper stickers and logos on clothing, we all see hundreds of “ads” on a daily basis. As a business owner, how do you rise above all this noise and stand out to the clients that you are trying to attract? Do you even know WHO you are trying to attract? How can you identify your target audience, and more importantly, capture the attention of those specific clients?

In April of 2016 I debuted a brand new seminar at Midwest DJs Live called Color Me SMART. I covered the basics of the color personality system I teach and then walked the group through five different areas where we can apply personalities to benefit our DJ businesses: Sales, Marketing, Abilities, Relationships, and Team-building. The Marketing portion of Color Me SMART has since been expanded and evolved into the brand new seminar coming to MBLV in March called RISE Above the Noise. You guessed it: RISE is also an acronym to help us focus our marketing efforts. Research. Identify. Speak. Earn.

Research always comes first. It is the first step of the Sales Process outlined by Mitch Taylor in his Sales 4 Event Pros book/ seminar/workshop. Research is also the first step in focusing our marketing efforts as well. Start by researching your past clients. Track basics like age, geographical location, and any other data you have about where they live, work, play, or worship. Then dig a little deeper. Ask yourself, which clients were you most excited about working with? With whom did you feel you were able to do your best work?

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