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January 9, 2012 by Jason Weldon


Over the last year or so I have been consulting with quite a few wedding-based businesses (not just DJs) and I have noticed an alarming trend. We will answer our phones anywhere, anytime and at any place. And the reason most
commonly answer given is “That could be a lead!” Just watch the next DJ seminar you are in. Watch how many people get up and leave the seminar to talk on the phone. The first etiquette rule is to show respect to where you are. You
don’t have to answer your phone all the time. It is downright rude to the people around you. If you are out to dinner, on the plane or in a seminar, other people don’t want to hear your conversation.
So, the first piece of advice is to let the voicemail be your friend. Record daily voicemails letting the caller know what is going on with your day.140-124

Something simple like this:
Hi, this is Jason, I appreciate your call and hope you don’t mind leaving me a message. Today is the “x” day of “Month”
and I will be in a few meetings in the morning and returning my calls after 2pm. I should be able to get back to you before 6pm. I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your patience.
Oh and by the way, it is supposed to rain tomorrow, so you may want to carry your umbrella.
This lets the caller know exactly what is going on and when they can expect to hear from you. Perfect!
When you answer the phone at bad times, what is this telling the person on the other end? If it is indeed a lead, are you really prepared to give them the information they need while you are in the mall, in the line at Subway or worse yet, in the car with friends? No, you are not. It is better to call them back at a particular time later in the day when you are focused on returning calls and not asking someone for paper and a pen. You need to have a comfortable place to talk to your prospect.
Having a proper place to sell your services will go a long way. I still believe in having some kind of an office, even if it is in the basement of your house. Being able to shut the door, concentrate on your follow ups and devote all your attention to your prospect will be key in trying to get them to book. I also believe in having some kind of a land line phone. Cell phones are great, but landlines don?t cut out, they sound clear and they have much better voicemail control.
The second etiquette rule is for you.
You are not a 24/7/365 business. So don’t treat yourself like one. And the tip for that is having office hours, even if you don’t have an office. On your voicemail, just simply say your hours. It lets callers know right away why you aren’t answering your phone. It also lets them know when you are going to call them back. This one thing alone will allow you to not answer your phone the next time I am giving a seminar!
The moment you say “hello,” you are selling. Make sure the setting is appropriate to get them to say, “We want to
go with you!” MB

Jason is a wedding business consultant who specializes in small to medium-sized companies that want to grow their business.
His objective is to help guide people through organizing their thoughts and laying the groundwork for a better, more successful start up. He currently lives in Philadelphia and is also the president of Synergetic Sound and Lighting, Inc. and DJ and A/V company.

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