Right in Your Own Back Yard – Could You Be Missing Opportunities? – By Stu Chisholm

April 10, 2018 by BradFeingold

As all of my family and friends can attest, my schedule is a mess. Not only do I have seven separate divisions of my own company that do different things keeping me busy, but I also have many outside interests. For one thing, I’m a huge science-fiction nerd and belong to a meetup group. We meet bi-weekly to discuss all things sci-fi, plan conventions and presentations, and do it all over cheap food at a local diner. Another group I belong to champions church- state separation issues, and yet another is the local Toastmaster’s, where I try to maintain and improve my public speaking chops. All in all, I attend some five different hobby/ special interest meetups as well as a monthly professional gathering of my fellow Licensed Massage Therapists, my latest venture and one of the seven divisions I mentioned previously. (See my previous article, “Meet the MRS,” MB, May 2016.)


Most of us separate our profes- sional lives from our personal ones, so we might not even think about how we might  instead integrate the two. For me, chance intervened. One of the first ways I first brought my profession into the social arena was when a friend in my atheist group needed a wedding officiant, and was having trouble getting any ordained clergy from any local religious affiliation to do his ceremony the way he wanted. Even the Unitarian minister had all sorts of require- ments that he and his bride were uncomfortable with.


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