Reviews Emergency (pt2) – Get More & Better Reviews

January 19, 2019 by Christos Nikas

Hey Mr. DJ,
A huge welcome and thanx for being here. You are amazing.

Last week we’ve talked about the three possible service outcomes that may affect your reviews.
In this post, we will see what we can do to avoid a bad review and help our business get more and better ones.


Our first step after the wedding -no matter how well we think we did- is to get feedback from our clients, either by calling them or sending a small feedback/service evaluation form.
If their feedback is not good, we have an excellent opportunity to fix things and make them right, before this ends up to our review pages.
Most couples want someone to listen to them, understand and empathize with them. If we duck, we are leaving them with no other choice than go public with their problem.

Face the problem, accept responsibility and make things right.


If their feedback is as expected, the best and fastest way to get a review is to ask for it, so go ahead.
I am a true believer of real, authentic reviews, coming from the bride’s heart, that will reveal the best of you and your business.

After all asking someone to write how great you were, will get you exactly that. “Our DJ was great!”
So what? Great in what way? Everyone can be “great”. What are the things your clients see in you that can distinguish you from your competition?

“Yes, Christos, you will say, but how can I maximize the quality of my reviews?
Not every couple is a “natural-born masterpiece writer” when it comes to putting down their thoughts, so how can I get the most out of them?”

Well, here are some ideas:

★Instead of asking for a review in general, that will require them to think, organize their thoughts and choose something “good enough” to write, ask specific questions and help them stay focused.
“What inspired you to book with us instead of some other DJ”?
“What do you remember most vividly from our cooperation”?
“What did your guests say about the party”?
“What would you say to a friendly couple to convince them to book us”?

★Use platforms’ areas of evaluation to help them
Some review platforms/sites will require a star evaluation system in certain areas. (Quality of service, Professionalism, Value, Responsiveness, Flexibility etc.)
What if you asked your couples to tell more about which of those impressed them the most? Maybe some got super impressed by your response time.
Others may think that your professionalism or flexibility is worth a shout out.  Pointing them to those areas can be really helpful to them since they know where to focus on.

★Give something first
Joe Bunn says that he is sending a personalized, hand-written postcard with a beautiful photo of the couple during their reception, asking for the review.
Another idea is to send them a USB flash drive with the “hottest” mixed session of their party asking for the review.
Maybe a video you put up with the highlights of their party. Or a Spotify playlist with all the songs that kept their dance floor packed.
Something that costs nothing to you but has great value to them.

Guess what. Not only will they give you the review, but they will also share your gifts promoting your business.



Your reviews are not for decoration purposes. They are tools that will help you sell. If use them correctly, you will maximize the results.

★Go for reviews that will help you overcome your most frequent objections.
“You’ve told me that we were more expensive than other competitors, but you went with us. Why”?
“When we first talk you weren’t sure about the lighting options. What do you think now?”

★To get the most out of a review, put it right next to relevant content.
So, on your lighting page, put those reviews that say how amazing the lighting was.
On your photo booth page, add the reviews talking about how much fun everyone had with your photo booth.
Finally on your pricing page put the reviews that say what a great choice they made having you as their DJ/MC.

★Show your prospects reviews from couples like them.
Reviews have a more significant impact on a couple when they are coming from couples LIKE them.
So, if you are promoting cultural weddings, put reviews from relevant couples. (French Weddings–>review from French couples, Greek weddings –>reviews from Greek couples, etc.)
If you are promoting weddings at a specific venue, add some reviews from couples that got married there. You get the concept.

I hope this will help you get more meaningful reviews and use them right so you can book more of your ideal clients.

Thank you for your time reading this.
May the fun be with you

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