Reviews Emergency (pt1)

January 10, 2019 by Christos Nikas

Hey Mr. DJ,

A massive welcome and thanx for being here. You are amazing.

It’s this time of the year when our Facebook newsfeed turns yellow, and those cute little words start popping up. COUPLES’ CHOICE AWARD!

We all know that getting this badge is all about collecting good reviews yet so many WeddingWire listed professionals -all around the world-, have no reviews at all or struggle to collect them.

I keep getting questions like: “I have requested them for a review. Why have they gone radio silence.” “Everybody had fun, so why did I get  just a few words long review?”
“Is it so hard to collect reviews?”, “What can I do to get better reviews?”

This answer has to do with both what YOU have done and what YOU can and should do.

Each of your weddings has only three possible outcomes that may affect your reviews.

This outcome is not good at all. You shouldn’t even be asking for a review.
If you fell behind just a bit, you may get away with it simply by not getting a review.
If you have failed to deliver your promise big times or something went really bad, oh… you are getting one, but I bet you are not going to like it.

Many professionals may argue that this is a good thing, but actually, it is not.

When you meet your couple’s expectations, they JUST… leave. (HT to Alan Berg)
It was a fair deal; you did what you have promised, so they owe you nothing.
They got exactly what they ‘ve paid for so why give you their time, why give you a 5-star evaluation and write 2-3 beautiful paragraphs that could make even your competitors hire you?

Depending on how persistent you will be, they may write a few generic words like: “Everything was great. Very professional. Thank you”.
Their rating may be 5-star but this review isn’t really helping, right?

Now we are talking. This is where the fun begins.

When you exceed their expectations, and you give them so much more value than they have paid for, they feel they owe you.

They feel this need to give you more in return.

This is when they will reward you with the most heartfelt, detailed and personalized review, not just in Wedding Wire but everywhere you tell them to post it.

Next week we will talk about what you can do to get better reviews more easily. Till then…

Thank you for your time reading this
May the fun be with you

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