Review: The New American DJ MyDMX GO Lighting Control App

January 16, 2019 by Jordan Nelson

If you’d like to see a hands-on video review of MyDMX GO, click here.

It’s not often that I get so excited about a new DJ product that I make sure I have one in my hands within a week of its release, but when I first heard about the new MyDMX GO lighting control app from American DJ I knew that it was a game-changer. A DMX dongle that connects wirelessly to a tablet app is already making huge strides towards being the most convenient lighting control option for mobile DJs, but one that also requires ZERO programming to use? Even as someone who has written two books on lighting and DMX for DJs, this was something I needed to see for myself. I was able to get one in my hands just in time for my event last Saturday, so let me tell you all about my experience.

Let’s start with unboxing the unit. I’m normally not one for focusing on pulling products out of the wrapping, but I do have to say I was extremely impressed with how the entire setup was packaged. In the box, you’re going to find the Wi-Fi dongle itself, an antenna, a USB cable and wall charger (for powering the unit and connecting to the computer for updates), and a mounting bracket. I want to take a moment to highlight the mounting bracket, which has spring-loaded quick-attach screws, which means no more fumbling around on the ground looking for a lost screw – why can’t every bracket have this? The bracket is going to allow DJs who have a truss or T-Bar for their lighting to mount the unit right up next to their lights.

The unit is a piece of cake to set up – you literally download the app, plug in the dongle, connect your tablet to the wifi signal it generates, and launch the app. This is DMX for the average Joe, people. One thing I found out is that my 3rd generation iPad was not supported (it’s a pretty old iPad), but American DJ provides a list of supported models on their site (if you purchased your tablet in the last couple of years it’s most likely on there). The app works on Android and even Kindle, so I ended up spending $32 to buy a refurbished Kindle fire just for the app and it worked flawlessly.

Here’s where things got even more awesome; within 2 minutes of turning everything on and connecting, I had a fully-fledged light show running. Just like in their MyDMX 3.0 software, there was no need to program all of the myriad channels for each of my DMX lights – I simply selected each light from a handy alphabetized list and boom – just like that, they were patched into the app.

After I had all of my lights in the app, I exited the “fixtures” screen and went back to the “live” screen. This is where the real game-changing nature of the app comes into play. If you’ve ever programmed lighting on your standard, run-of-the-mill hardware DMX controller you know that it’s a brutally painful process. You’ll have to glance at a light’s manual, fade up a handful of sliders to set the scene, save it, and then repeat the process 50 or so more times. The MyDMX GO app is completely different. You could use this app and not know a thing about DMX at all, I’m dead serious.

The screen is centered around two large visual rings that each have 8 segments. The left ring auto-generates 8 really eye-catching movements for your scanners and moving heads, each with its own tiny icon so you can remember what it does (I personally enjoyed the little duck picture that created a bouncing movement effect). You may be saying “What?! Only 8 patterns? That’s way limited!” But hear me out friends, you can create dozens of variations of these patterns using a few options found in the center of the ring, such as the size, speed, and phasing of the movement. The same options are found in the center of the right ring, which auto-generates 8 different color effects, including beautiful fades and the classic Knight Rider effect. Between the rings are a handful of other effects, including a “blinder” button and my personal favorite – an “epic” buildup button that makes a really cool effect you’d want to use on those big drops we all love. All of these effects’ speeds can be controlled manually, to a tapped BPM, or through the tablet’s microphone. DMX for dummies I tell ya.

If you think this is already too easy, it gets better. While I was playing around with the app, I saw some options on the top left that read “low”, “medium”, and “hot”. Intrigued, I pushed them and proceeded to have my mind blown. Depending on the button I selected, the app began to automatically combine movement and color scenes by itself that fit the level of energy. It even selected colors and rotated between them!

Why is all of this so significant? If you have experience with DMX, you already know. Creating complex fades, movements, and chases manually can take a LONG time – I used to spend hours programming on my old DMX controller. This app allows anyone to create really stunning light shows instantaneously, with the press of a few buttons. It can be completely autonomous when you need your hands free, but you also have a great deal of control over the parameters if you have a specific idea in mind.

If you’re a mobile DJ looking to up your lighting game or perhaps venture into the DMX world, I highly recommend the MyDMX GO app and dongle. Having programmed lighting on both hardware controllers and software from all of the major manufacturers, I can wholeheartedly say this is the easiest and most user-friendly lighting control option on the market for Mobile DJs right now. If you’d like to see a hands-on video review of the unit, click here.

You can learn more about the product on American DJ’s website or by clicking this link:

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