Respect Is A Two Way Street Part 1

July 9, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

Respect to me is a two way street.  I was recently part of an exchange where that clearly wasn’t the case.Someone was given an opportunity, and to me with an opportunity comes great responsibility to see that opportunity through.  My recommendation would be to go beyond just seeing it through and actually do justice and right by the person who gave you that opportunity.  

The problem becomes is when you bitch about the responsibility that was bestowed upon you and the person who gave you that responsibility hears about it through a backchannel.  Now don’t get me wrong, everyone should have a right to have a safe space to vent about frustrations and such, but it reminds me that as performers we are always on stage and that microphone (listening ear) is always open.   You never know when your words could be amplified to someone else.

After being a part of this exchange, it led me to think about respect and opportunity and the genesis for this article.  Below is the 1st of 3 things to consider before accepting that next opportunity.

  1.  Make sure you understand what the parameters are of the opportunity before saying yes.  Oftentimes we may get excited at the opportunity of something and we want so badly for it to happen that we say yes first and then once we get deeper into knowledge about it, we begin to regret the decision or have second thoughts.  Understand everything surrounding the opportunity first. Think first, speak second.

I’ll be back next week with Part 2 of this article.

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