Research Your Client Part 1

December 6, 2018 by Mitch Taylor

Research Your Client

I hear the sounds of the waves crashing as my skin is bronzing (or is that burning) in the hot rays of the Caribbean sun.  My body lays here on top of the beach towel and chair from the hotel property…tired from the 10 hour trip it took to arrive in this island paradise…exhausted from the amount of work I’ve put in to my year and my career up to this point.  I NEED to relax and ENJOY this seaside getaway. We’ve spent MONTHS planning this vacation, researching on various websites, checking out TripAdvisor reviews for the various properties we were considering, pouring over flights until we found the right combination.  We kept searching for information on the island, restaurants nearby, things to do, crime rate, how are the people, what kind of beach is it?. What’s native to the island? Any festivals going on while we are there? What’s close by to go see? Where am I? I’m in the beautiful island of Anguilla, British West Indies.  

What kind of vacationer are you?  When you go on vacation how do you choose where to go?  Do you speak with friends, search on the internet for reviews, scour the web for deals, call your local favorite travel agent?  Do you put in the kind of research like we did above to find Anguilla?

How do you decide how to get there?  Car, Plane, Train, Bus, Bike, Boat? What do you do once you are there?  Are you more of the laid back type – chill on the beach and read a good book?  Do you like to get out and explore the town and see what the place is like? Do you want to take an organized tour or venture out on your own?  More next week and how this relates to you as a DJ…stay tuned.


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