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April 27, 2017 by Mitch Taylor

I hear the sounds of the waves crashing, as my skin is bronzing (or is that burning?) in the hot rays of the Caribbean sun. I’m lying on the beach towel- covered chair from the hotel property, tired from the ten-hour trip it took to arrive in this island paradise. After getting exhausted from the amount of work I have put into my year and my career up to this point, I NEED to relax and ENJOY this seaside getaway.

My wife and I have spent MONTHS planning this vacation, researching on various websites and checking out Trip Advisor reviews for the various properties we were considering, and pouring over flight options until we found the right combina- tion. We kept searching for information on the island, nearby restaurants, things to do, crime rate, what kind of beaches they have, what are the people like?

Wait a minute…I thought I was reading an article about sales…not about your latest vacation? You are. At MBLV21 we will uncover this and the rest of the steps in the sales process together, including questions you MUST ask, handling objections, and much more, in my new seminar “Sales 4 Event Pros.”

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