Reputation Building – By Kevin Ramaley

July 13, 2018 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

DJs are more than just musical entertainers. They are consultants, experts and trendsetters. Your customer looks to you to know all genres and styles of music. They expect you to be the life of the party but stay quietly in the background and, of course, come and go without being noticed. But what if you could change that perception?
What if, instead of just providing entertainment through music, you could provide an experience: an “unforgettable, still talking about it long afterwards” experience? Well, you can!
When you first start your business, your main marketing goal is brand recognition; you need to “get the word out” that you are a player in your market. Print advertising, bridal shows and radio ads are good traditional marketing avenues, while the new norm includes social media posts/ads, blogs, etc.

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