Reinforcing Seminars with Trivia

October 14, 2015 by Mobile Beat

“Using Trivia to reinforce learning in an educational environment”

Boring Presentation --- Image by © Corbis

Boring Presentation — Image by © Corbis

Welcome back to the blog and today’s subject on the world of trivia comes from a slightly different avenue than the others. Rather than look at the world of business and making money within the world of trivia hosting, we are today going down a different route and are taking a look at the educational sector.

Now, this is far form the first time we have mentioned the education sector on the blog, indeed if you scroll through the history of this blog you will see a wide range of posts and topics on several issues that could help you if you work, or indeed are seeking to work, in that kind of environment.

Reinforcing Seminars with Trivia – Keeping the learners engaged

One main subject when running the seminar is the issue of keeping the learners engaged. I know this as my past being a tutor of quite challenging adult learners taught me the key aspects of the learning cycle is assessment, teaching and learning in one circle that goes round and round. Without each stage being completed then the one previous cannot be and you end up in a mess. If you do not have the attention of the learners, just as if you lack the attention of any audience, then you will find it a massive struggle to continue and get the group motivated. One way of doing this is via trivia and what you can do is ensure the trivia is well used and it will keep the learner engaged. Make sure throughout the seminar you are testing the learners, putting them on the spot with trivia questionsand it will keep them engaged as they wont want to look foolish in front of their peers. Also, it will aid the learning as students will try more and more to ensure they are taking information in, make notes and want to remember things so in essence it has duplicate effects. A good seminar involves discussion, learning and trivia!

Reinforcing Seminars with Trivia – Testing Knowledge

Using the trivia in a seminar is also a good way for you, as the trainer or teacher to see just how far your learners have come and just how much they have been taking in. See if they have done that reading assigned, test whether the discussion has been used effectively and find out what your students know and what they do not know and this is where trivia is such a vital tool!

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