Recession Wedding Marketing Tip #1 for the Mobile DJ

July 24, 2008 by Andy Ebon

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As business slows in the current recession cycle, there seems to be a mad scramble for new customers. It is easy to forget that your best sources of referrals and repeat business, is your existing company base.

Often, a customer who has hired your services for a wedding, does not realize that you do company parties or class reunions. A Bar Mitzvah client may not automatically know that you serve school functions. Don’t assume that your clients know the full range of what you can provide. They usually were consumed with their single event, and nothing more.

Take the time to re-establish contact with them by letter or phone, preferably. Avoid the impersonal nature of email.

When it comes to venue contacts or event planners, it’s time for lunch or a cup of coffee to describe your whole range of services. Perhaps you’ve added props, lighting, or photo services. They need to be aware of everything you do, so they can refer or book the maximum from you.

Don’t stop prospecting for new business, but first, mine gold from your existing relationships.

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