Reality TV Lessons, Part 3

June 24, 2016 by Arnoldo Offermann

Hey there, boys and girls! You’ve been keeping up with these articles, right? If not, you’re going to be a bit confused on what this is about. I could spend some time and recap, but… No! I refuse to reward you for NOT reading past issues. In all seriousness, go read them. Then tune in below. I’ll wait.arnoldo


What took so long? I get it, your head exploded and you were all “wow.” It happens. Now, let’s dive head first into Part 3. It’s going to be so HOT it’s almost like Mobile Beat plugged in my mixtape.


Well duhhh. We know this. We harp on this to brides and grooms, corporate clients, schools, and that $395 DJ on the forums. So why the heck do DJs get on Facebook and ask for the cheapest option when it comes to our professional tools? I literally just saw DJ complaining that a gobo projector that was under $200 was too much and they should be $50. $50?! Really?

This is the same industry where people complain that the MP3 made it easy for anyone to become a DJ because it’s so cheap. If we had lights as cheap as everyone wants them to be, then wouldn’t it make it easy for anyone to buy lights just to toss them in free with a DJ package?

However, when it comes to charging for our services, it’s always “charge more, more, more” and we want to pay less and less and less. In a way, that’s good business sense. We want our margins to be high but we don’t want to sacrifice quality for bigger margins.

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