Ready to Play, Come Rain or Come Shine

June 17, 2017 by Stu Chisholm

So, this happened: A banquet facility here in Michigan built a gorgeous, landscaped outdoor pavilion specifically for wedding ceremonies. When my helper and I arrived to provide PA, I was impressed by the thought that went into it. There was a bar-like area that served as a DJ booth for weddings, or an actual bar for, say, an evening outdoor patio party for the golfers at the club. With a pergola overhead and a two- circuit outdoor electrical box close by, it seemed like an ideal situation. But then the dark clouds rolled in.

Setting up my outdoor ceremony rig for the wedding scheduled in a half an hour, I didn’t really notice that the sun had been obscured by a bank of grey, threatening clouds. After a quick sound check, I hastily covered my gear and went into the hall to see if the staff had a contingency plan for bad weather. They had begun setting up chairs and an arch in another room, but the manager said that it was for “backup” and that they hadn’t decided, at that point, whether to move the wedding indoors or not. Meanwhile, it had begun sprinkling outside.

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Stu Chisholm had been collecting music since he was about eight years old and began his DJ career in 1979. After much hard work, trial-and-error, and a stint at the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts, he studied the DJ arts with famous Michigan broadcaster, Bill Henning, at a local college. Stu interned at Detroit’s rock powerhouse, WRIF. To his radio and mobile work Stu later added club gigs at Detroit’s best venues, and voiceover work. He has shared his extensive DJ experience through his Mobile Beat columns, as a seminar speaker and through his book, “The Complete Disc Jockey: A Comprehensive Manual for the Professional DJ,” released in 2008.

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