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January 18, 2012 by Aaron Burger


Back in the September issue,
John Stiernberg had a great
article about planning your
operation. The plan is so important for not only your current operation, but for where you want to be
in future. I wanted to help that process along by giving you some advice on ways to implement
some of that planning. And it
really is simple advice. Reading.
Along with many of my successful peers, I believe that reading is the number one way to not only help the growth of your business, but also to grow your mind.
The smarter you are, the better decisions you can make. And that ultimately makes you a better business owner.
My reading fascination started when another industry professional told me to read a particular book. And I have to admit, I hated reading. I was always one of the people that didn’t have enough time to read, or claimed that I didn’t get anything out it. It took me a
long time each week to just
start getting in the habit of
wanting to read. But after
reading this one book, I was
addicted. The book was The
E-Myth, by Michael E. Gerber.
After reading John’s
article, I immediately thought that people should follow that up by reading this book. And then to continue down the list of great books that are written on business organization, operation and leadership.
Reading The E-Myth will do a lot to help clear up many of the questions entrepreneurs have about running their businesses, but it will also help you get in the habit of reading. It is an easy book, written in a great format that makes it easy for you to finish the book and implement its suggestions.
The one big trick to reading is making notes. You have to read with a highlighter and make sure to mark what you want to remember. After you are done reading the book, you need to go back and do a book report based on all the sections you highlighted. Yup, just like high school. The biggest benefit for this is when you need to ?re-visit? the book, you can just read the book report and not the whole book.
Make sure to do book reports on EVERY book you read!
Many people like to listen to audio books. But this is one of the reasons why I don?t like an audio book as much as a real book. Although there are tons of arguments for both options, a real book not only allows you to take notes, but it also makes you stop what you are doing and concentrate on just reading. And I think we could all use a little time away from the real world every week.
Once you get into a system of reading, don’t just limit yourself to books. Start to read other publications as well. But here’s the hint. Read publications you like! The whole point of reading is to educate yourself. So if you don’t like what you are reading, what’s the point?! When it comes to books, you are going to pick some real losers. I would say two out of every five books will actually be a good one. But please, always finish them, no matter how bad. You never know when you will get a nugget of knowledge at some point in a book.
Last but not least, make sure to let other people know about the good books you have read. It’s kind of an unspoken rule: Pass good books on! The most successful people in life are always open to sharing with other people about how they did and the mistakes to
avoid. Share the books you
read with other professionals
so that they can be better
business owners! Just like that
business owner did for me so
many years ago? MB

Jason Weldon is a wedding business consultant who specializes in small to medium-sized companies that want to grow their business. His objective is to help guide people through organizing their thoughts and laying the groundwork for a better, more successful start up. He currently lives in Philadelphia and is also the president of Synergetic Sound and Lighting, Inc. and DJ and A/V company.

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